An exciting new project with a German School

The children in group 6 have just started working on a new English project which involves skype lessons with a school in Germany. Our theme is FOOD and we will be sharing songs, recipes, stories and asking lots of questions, all in English. There is a map hanging up in group 6 so the children know where the school is. Our first skype lesson is in April and we are working on our ‘Supermarket song’ at the moment. This is a great opportunity as the children have a real aim for learning English. You as parents may get asked a few questions as some children have been
asked to bring in pictures or empty packets of food, and they need to find out what ‘bienenhaus’ means in English and Dutch. Our contact school is called: Schule am Bienenhaus.

 Best wishes from Juf Pip and the children in group 6

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