More exciting writing!

This time, Ciska, in group 6/7 is showing us her writing talent. After reading the first few paragraphs of THE GHOST OF THOMAS KEMPE, Ciska went on to write her own ‘twist’ to the story.

All of a sudden something nudged James’s foot. It was a sheet from his exercise book. He picked it up and read………

(Ciska continues)

When James finished reading the note he first didn’t understand it. It was probably written in the 1600’s. But he did eventually discover the meaning of the sentences. He surfed on the web to find out what a herb of Venus was. After a long search, he found out that it was a plant and a ghost! How could it be true? That ghost lived in his house! It seemed to be an old murderer. Even though he had been dead for over 400 years, he still murdered the people who lived in this house.

(1 hour later)

He found out that there was one way to stop him. That was to find the pink, purple and red flower. It was extremely rare and hard to find! So he accepted the challenge. He found out that it was to be found 1 km up into the mountains. Even though it was hard to find, he was able to find one on every mountain. But there was one big BUT. It only showed itself if you had the right reasons to find the flower. Thomas decided to go out and find the flower at 5:00am sharp. After walking through the mountains for over 3 hours, he saw what he wanted to see after all those hours – the flower! There it was lying at his feet! Finally! He knew he had to take the flower with its roots and dirt. He got a little container out of his bag and gently put the flower in there. He knew he had won from the ghost and went back home – one very happy boy!