English Books from Scolastic International Book Club to order

Dear parents/carers/students
When you receive your copy of the ‘Geepeetje’, you will also receive an order form for English books from the ‘Scholastic International Book Club’. You simply fill in the order form in the middle of the leaflet and return the order form + money in an envelope by Tuesday 4th of October. Please ensure you write your name, class and amount of money enclosed on the outside of the envelope. You can place the envelopes in the big green box on top of the cupboard outside Juf Pip’s room. You will receive your books at the beginning of November. (In plenty of time for Sinterklaas gifts!)

The school gets special points for the books you order and with these points we can purchase books for the English section in our school library, and for the class reading boxes – all the more reason to order!

Best wishes
Pip Broad

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