In class Juf Lianne is reading us a book called ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown. In this story a little boy called Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board. In his new ‘flattened’ state he has many adventures. One of Stanley’s adventures begins with him travelling in an envelope and this is when everything becomes really exciting.

As a class we are going to make one ‘Flat Stanley’ and he is going all the way to Israel in an envelope. We will post him off with a little letter about the Emmaschool and Assen, and when he arrives in Israel he will do lots of fun things with some children who are part of an after school English club.

We’ve got lots of things to think about already: Where exactly is Israel? Will our Flat Stanley celebrate ‘Sint Maarten’ and ‘Sinterklaas’ there? Do they eat ‘stampot wortels’ in Israel? Will he need to wear a winter coat?

The children in Israel will take lots of photos of our Flat Stanley going on adventures as well as doing everyday things with them, and we will make sure their Flat Stanley has a great time with us at the Emmaschool.

By swapping Flat Stanleys we hope that we can learn about each other’s cultures and we of course have to do everything in English!

We are trying this project for the first time to encourage awareness of other cultures, and to help the children realise how important the English language is. Flat Stanley may even spend some weekends with the students and their families. If possible we would like the students and their parents to take a couple of photos of Flat Stanley doing things with them; especially things that are typically Dutch (eating pancakes, riding a bike, getting ready for ‘Sinterklaas…). Our partner school wants hard copies of photos which we will then post off.