English Sinterklaas

Hello everybody,

Sinterklaas goes from Spain with the steamboat to Holland.But on the sea the waves go wild up and down.But some people say that Sinterklaas have magic powers because he is a holy man,then he can blow all the waves away.Then he come in the harbor there are some people but not many.Then he goes with black piet in the car to go to the city,there are all the children with there parents.There they have a lot of fun.But after that he goes with black piet to a wild lake but in that time of the year is it cold. Then is the water transformed in ice.There are also a lot of children.They are happy to see Sinterklaas.then they go ice skating with them.After that black piet give them pepernoten then Sinterklaas and black piet to his house in Holland.And in the night climbs black piet through the chimney’s to bring all presents in the shoes for the children


Sil Carst 8a